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3 things to consider when hiring a Christmas Light Installer

3 things to consider when hiring a Christmas Light Installer

Being a Christmas Light installer is a risky business and only those that are properly trained, insured, and take proper safety precautions should be on your property.  You see… hundreds of people fall of rooms each year.  Sometimes that ends up in death and other times people are able to survive the fall.  Either way it is risky business to be on a ladder and on a roof unless you are properly trained.  The good thing is, our team here at Indy Christmas Light Pro’s is trained by OHSA certified trainers on how to properly use ladders and fall protection.  We take great pride in our team’s safety.  Whether you hire Indy Christmas Light Pro’s or another company to do your install, make sure you are asking these questions before settling on the company you are planning on hiring. 

Christmas Light Installation
Christmas Light Installation

Does the Christmas Light Installer’s offer proper training?

Our team is CLIPA trained and certified.  CLIPA is the major association and governing body over the Christmas Light Installer Industry.  These individuals train the guys on proper ways to install the commercial lighting to not damage your house, hide cords, and give a professional look.  Aside from CLIPA, we travel to other installer to collaborate on best practices to insure we are on the cutting edge of what’s possible in the Christmas Light Installer industry.  Even though, we like to keep our installations “basic” they take a lot of training and rather complex.

Is the Christmas Light Installer’s company properly insured?

This is a major deal!  We now are competing in a highly competitive market with crews that have no insurance.  The sad part about it, is if your property is damaged or they are hurt on your property, you could be liable for that.  It is very important to seek out a highly reviewed company with proper insurance in place so not only you are protected from any property damage, but that are also protected in case of a medical emergency.

What does the Christmas Light Installer’s safety look like?

When installing mini light on the ground around tree’s and shrubs or wrapping trees, no fall protection is needed.  What about when you are on a slipper roof?  Remember, when lights go up, it is typically a wet season, windy, and slipper on a roof.  If you are not prepared, it could be a devastating.  Proper protocol when on a roof is to have fall protection.  This keeps the team members on the roof safe at all times.  Most companies we see send guys on roofs with no safety training or protection.  Here at Indy Christmas Light Pro’s, we install permanent roof anchors along the roof’s ridge and we clip into them while on the roof.  Our team has been trained by roofing professional to install the anchor’s properly to keep the roof safe.  The fall protection prevents them from falling off the roof and injuring themselves and is an essential step in the process.

Need some help this Holiday Season?

If you are looking for a great team of installers, give us a call at (317) 608-6535 to get on the schedule for your installation this fall.  We are more than happy to provide you a no obligation estimate to make your property a little more Jolly this holiday season.  If you would like to request an estimate online, just click here to fill out an estimate form.


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