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Top 3 reasons your commercial building needs Christmas Lights

Commercial Christmas Lights for your Building?

I know the story, you have been in business for a number of years, but looking for a way to differentiate your business from the competition…  For many retail businesses (car dealerships, product store fronts, local mom and pop shops, etc.) you are looking for ways to make your building more attractive for a number of reasons.  Adding commercial Christmas Lights is a great way to bring some Jolly to your customers 🙂  Adding professionally installed commercial Christmas Lights adds a lot of spunk and happiness to your shopper’s experience and will likely make them come back again.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation
Commercial Christmas Light Installation

3 reasons why your commercial building needs commercial Christmas Lights installed.

1. Makes your business stand out from the competition.

One thing that clients really love is the wow factor from commercial Christmas Lights.  For new customers, the first impression is everything.  Their first customer experience is what will bring them back a second time to shop again.  This is one of the hardest things to capitalize on and one area we can drastically help.  Holiday Lights are an easy addition to the property that will draw the clients eyes to your retail business.  When you have 1000 competitors in the area in which a person can spend their money, you have to think of other ways to differentiate yourself to get them in the doors.

2. Add Holiday cheer to your staff and patrons with commercial Christmas Lights.

Hiring is tough.  One thing we hear all of the time is that employees of a business are internal customers.  Not only do you provide them with their lively hood and benefits, but you also need to keep them happy and excited to continue working hard for the business.  They need to feel excited that the company is moving in the right direction and getting better each year.  Holiday lights are magical.  They bring out the excitement and always put a smile on your face.  The commercial Christmas Lights can even be put on a timer so that you don’t have to mess with them each night.  They just run automatically.  You patrons, just as your staff, will love them.  They are sure to enter the building with a smile, which is half of the battle.  Starting the customer experience in the parking lot is a differentiator.  Another thing to look at is high quality commercial snow removal from our partner company.  See this blog about commercial snow removal.


3. Best of yet, commercial Christmas Lights are a marketing tax write off!

Now we are not tax consultants.  So please, consult with your tax professional first.  However, commercial Christmas Lights are a marketing expense just like printing out flyers for a sale.  They are a way to draw attention to your building and get customers in the door.  By having holiday lights as a tax write off that makes getting them, that much easier.  You will only keep them up for the holiday season when they are festive, they are not a permanent building addition and therefore categorized as a piece of marketing.  If you are on the fence about commercial Christmas Lights, consult your tax professional after you get the bid to see how much it will offset some of the taxes you will be responsible for at the end of the year.

Looking for a Professional Christmas Light Installer?

Does the thought of your or your staff doing your commercial Christmas Lights instantly make you think of a workers comp claim?  We understand.  If your staff isn’t comfortable on roofs or ladders this could be a major challenge.  Our team, depending on the roof, is required to anchor off to be safe.  They are trained on ladder safety to insure that accidents don’t happen on your property.  We are able and insured to put up your lights in a professional manner.  Best of yet, you don’t have to worry about taking them down and storing them.  We do ALL of the leg work to make sure your property shines!  If you need any help with your lights, we are happy to help.  Mr. Jolly is waiting by the phones to take your call and get you an estimate.  Feel free to call us at (317) 608-6535 or visit us online at


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