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Professional Outdoor Tree & Shrub Lights

Choose Indy Christmas Light Pro’s for professional tree and shrub lighting. We custom-design and install exterior lighting displays tailored exactly to your home. Create magical holiday memories with family and friends. Call us today at (317) 608-6535 for a free quote.


Let us turn your home into a winter wonderland with professional outdoor tree lights. We offer mini lights in white, blue, green, and red to fit your particular style and preference. You will be more than pleased when you view your home in all its twinkling glory.

Our tree and shrub lighting service includes wrapping mini lights on or around:

  • Tree trunks and branches
  • Tree canopies and their outer perimeter
  • Entire shrubs

Be sure to also explore our Christmas wreaths and Christmas light installation for our complete services.

Why Choose Us?

Along with our outdoor Christmas tree lights, we also provide a warranty that includes the following during the first three years:

  • All Christmas lights, service and maintenance included
  • Lights are stored in our dry, secure warehouse at no extra charge
  • Our team reinstalls them each holiday season

Unlike most other companies that put up Christmas lights, we do not do three-year leases. Instead, our clients actually own their lights, but we store them in our warehouse. The first year, the cost includes the purchase of the lights. The second year we reduce the price by 25% because you are simply paying for us to re-install them. If at any point you no longer wish to work with us, we give you your lights.

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Are you a business? We offer commercial holiday lighting to enlighten everyone who walks through your doors. No matter your genre, customers are more attracted to stores and venues that amplify the Christmas spirit. Set the mood with a twinkling display of lights and other décor.

Full-Service Holiday Lighting

Catch the eye of passersby with an artistically planned outdoor Christmas light display. Indy Christmas Light Pro’s proudly serves the Carmel area and the surrounding communities of Indianapolis, Noblesville, Brownsburg, and Avon. Call us today for your free quote at (317) 608-6535. We look forward to making your home or commercial property shine bright with our Christmas wreath and exterior lighting services.


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